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How you can start your own Drinking Skeptically

You are free to start your own Drinking Skeptically events, however we ask that you provide us with some basic info about your gathering, so that we may list your event on Please contact us with the name and e-mail address of at least one individual who will be organizing the Drinking Skeptically in your area.

We also ask that you follow these guidelines to help insure that Drinking Skeptically remains a fun, inclusive, and responsible activity:

  • Drinking Skeptically should be free and open to the public.
  • We request that you keep us informed about how your local Drinking Skeptically is doing via regular e-mails (once a month should be sufficient). This will help us improve the Drinking Skeptically experience and keep in touch with the most important part of the Drinking Skeptically network...its participants!
  • We ask that you include a link to on your web site.
  • As a Drinking Skeptically organizer, we ask that you do not take "official" positions on political, religious, academic, or other matters. All we are interested in is providing a social venue for rationalists, critical-thinkers, and skeptics to meet, have a good time, and get to know each other. While we believe that every individual is free to espouse whatever personal opinions they want, in your capacity as a Drinking Skeptically organizer we ask that you refrain from endorsing any particular point of view.
  • Most important of all, please drink responsibly.