Should You Hire a Tax Lawyer?

The answer to this question will vary from one person or business to another. The team at Dallo Law Group, can help you in many situations. However, it’s important to understand when you have to hire an attorney, versus your desire to hire one, simply because you don’t want to do complicated tax work yourself. Here we’ll go over a few of the instances when you should hire a tax lawyer to help you with tax questions, implications, and help you avoid possible penalties if you were to do things incorrectly.

For business, you might need Dallow law group or other tax attorneys if you’re buying or selling a business. When you’re liquidating assets, getting rid of a business, or eliminating a high-valued business off the records, you shouldn’t try to “figure these things out” on your own. A tax lawyer knows what the legal questions are, what has to be answered, how much you’ll pay in taxes, how much you have to report, and so forth. Working with a tax lawyer will not only result in the proper filing but also help you avoid major tax implications if you were to do things incorrectly on your own. 

On the flip side, if you are beginning a new business, a tax lawyer can also help. They can

  • Help set up your business
  • Assist you with legal paperwork 
  • Help you figure out state and federal tax questions/issues
  • Properly set up the business entity in your state, and assist you with other legal issues/questions you might have. 

It is not as easy as filling out a few forms and opening your doors. It requires a little more paperwork and heavy lifting, and a team of specialists in the area of tax law, are going to be equipped to help you figure out those tough issues and answer those lingering questions you have floating around in your head. 

For personal filing, if you’re facing an audit, haven’t filed your taxes in years, or have a complicated return, tax lawyers can also help you. It’s not just for business filing that you might have to hire an attorney, so make sure you know who to work with if you have a complicated set of tax return issues you’re facing, when you’re filing your tax returns as well. 

You don’t always need a lawyer; but, if you do, you should hire the best team to help you avoid major penalties, fines, or inconsistencies in filing your taxes. Consider working with tax lawyers if you’re in any of these situations.