What Lawsuit Funding Companies Can Fund Anywhere At Any Time

With over $200 Billion
in lawsuits estimated to be filed every year, and a Court System and legal
process that can sometimes take months or years to settle, pre-settlement
lawsuit cash advances are an option that can help you pay your bills, cover
medical expenses or make repairs that aren’t covered by your insurance.

Here are five things
you should know about lawsuit funding.


Non-Recourse lawsuit
advances don’t require credit checks, job confirmation or any guarantee and as a rule can be endorsed inside 48-72 hours. The funding procedure is a zero hazard suggestion. The offended party doesn’t need to reimburse the advance until the case is settled, so there are no regularly scheduled installments. Since it is a “non-plan of action credit,” if the case doesn’t settle you don’t need to reimburse the advance.


Micheal Hawkins with My Lawsuit Loans adds, “Most lawsuit funding companies can have your funding approved within 48-72 hours of your application and a check on it’s way to you.”

The lawsuit funding process is pretty simple:

Step 1

Finish an online shape, with essential contact data for you and your lawyer and the sum you are looking for. A funding delegate will call speedily to get some more particular data about your case and start the official application handle.

Step 2

With your endorsement they will ask for authority documentation on your case from your lawyer to forward to their guarantors. Once got by the guarantors they will rapidly decide your funding sum.

Step 3

Contracts will be drawn up between you, your lawyer, and the guarantors including the installment terms of the loan. Once executed, funds will be sent straightforwardly to you inside 24-48 hours.


There are many types of cases that can be funded. Car accidents, medical malpractice, elder abuse, pharmaceutical suits, slip and fall, product liability, labor law, Workman’s Compensation, sexual harassment, assault, and lawsuits involving large corporations are all examples of the types of cases that can be funded with a settlement cash advance.


Most lawsuit funding companies will provide you with a settlement cash advance as small at $1,000 and up to $100,000. You may also take several cash advances against the same pending lawsuit as your needs arise. Also, if you have a case that has already settled, but are awaiting payments or on a schedule, you can also receive a settlement cash advance against the full amount or the payment schedule. It’s your settlement after all and your lawsuit funding broker can work with you to accommodate your litigation financing needs.… Read the rest

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